Adam iLL

Adam Ill is a host and personality with a background in entertainment; he's also had a love affair with Mary Jane that's lasted more than two decades. Prior to his debut in the cannabis industry, Adam honed his talents and learned from some of the best hosts/interviewers in the game while working for CBS Radio at 97.1 KLSX. At the station Adam co-hosted an on-air segment (with Tim Conway Jr. and Arsenio Hall), conducted red carpet interviews and hosted the station's new HD channel.
When KLSX changed formats, Adam started his own show, The Potcast; it lasted four consecutive years, making it the longest running marijuana podcast to date. Shortly after it ended, Adam began the solo venture that many now know him from - Getting High With - which was broadcasted live every Thursday on for three years. After that he did two seasons on Brass Knuckles Live. In addition to Getting High With, Adam hosts a variety of events such as The Secret Sesh, High Times Cannabis Cups and other cannabis events.
With his experience in mainstream media and love of marijuana, Adam Ill has earned a reputation as a trusted voice within the cannabis community.